• Tria: Advanced Image Processing and Analysis Program
  • Decon of an image taken by a Confocal Laser Scanning Micropscope
  • Laser-based detection of ultrasound
  • Our latest version of the Dulican ultrasound photodetector
  • Deconvolution of an image of the Mars surface
  • Ultrasound wave captured in Jello using GCLAD
  • The start of the March 21 eruption near Fagradalsfjall, Iceland
  •   Quick CARon deconvolution of the eruption.
  • PulseView: 1D waveform viewer
  • Concept for Continuous Laser Generation of Ultrasound
  • Deconvolution of an image of a bowl of fruit

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Latest News: Tria Version 3.1.80 (32-bit and 64-bit versions) has been released and is available for download! This version adds additional lineout options and a 1D FFT.  See features for a list of all the great stuff in Tria Image processing.

Just for fun, here is our first attempt at applyng deconvolution to an image of a Black Hole (actually the event horizon).

New Research for Laser-based Ultrasound. "Focused ultrasound sensing in water using a GCLAD system".  Dr. Caron is lead author.  See Research.


New to Quarktet?  This is a short description of our terms:

  • Laser Ultrasound--A class of techniques that generate or detect ultrasonic waves in materials using various laser-based techniques.
  • CLGU--Continuous Laser Generation of Ultrasound.  This is a new method of generating ultrasound in materials using a high-powered continuous-wave laser.   
  • GCLAD--Gas-coupled Laser Acoustic Detection.  A method of detecting ultrasound where a laser's path is altered by the wave passing though the beam.
  • Dulcian--Our custom photodetector made specifically for GCLAD systems.
  • Blind Deconvolution--A class of methods that identify the blur in an image and attempt to remove the blur to restore the image.
  • SeDDaRA--A blind deconvolution method that identifies the blur in an image through comparison with a similar, but un-blurred image.
  • Tria--Our image processing progam that allows for easy application of SeDDaRA and host of other uncommon image processing methods.
  • PulseView--A data plotting program that quickly converts text-based data into a graph.

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