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Tria Image Processing Download Instructions

Below you will find a link to download the Tria Demonstration program. The program is fully functional with the exception of "Save" and Batch functions. The demo program becomes fully activated following purchase and installation of the hardware security key.  You can test drive the program on example images and your own images for as long as you like. (As an anti-piracy measure, the grid function has been locked on. This does not affect the image data.)Deconvolution of Tethy's surface
We offer the unlimited trial because we would like fully satisfied customers.   Before purchase, we suggest you follow these steps:
  1. practice on the included examples,
  2. take the time and read through the help file, and
  3. apply the Tria's methods to your specific images. Start with small images to make the processing easier.
With apologies to Linux and Apple users, Tria is tested on Windows 10 machines only. The program is robust, and includes examples and an extensive help file.  Tria does operate on Apple machines running special software such as Parallels, but we do not have an Apple version of the software.  The most common error is a result of the harware security key, but we are working on it.
Note: Tria will most likely still run on Windows 2000, XP, 7 and 8, but we no longer have a machine to test it on.

Download the latest version of Tria by clicking:
Download Tria Demo Version 3.10.85 (64-bit)

After download, unzip the file and run the setup program. Please note that if you are upgrading from a previous version of Tria, it may be necessary to remove your current version before installing the new version.  This should not affect your hardware key license.
If you have a 64-bit machine, you should use the 64-bit version of Tria.  The 3.10.85 32-bit version can currently be considered a beta release.  It should be fine for evaluation.  The 3.10.24 version will be phased out.

This package includes the executable, and the help file. Also download the Tria ImagePack1,which contains the example images and a starter set of SeDDaRA reference images.  Unzip the ImagePack in the Tria Application folder after installation. The 64-bit version has improved memory capability that cannot be offered with the 32-bit form.  We hope to update the 32-bit version soon.

We have created a new pack of images. Tria ImagePack2 includes a set of fractals that can be used as reference images for AstroPhotos. The images come in a range of sizes from 512 to 4096 pixels a side.

Download Tria ImagePack2

We have created a new pack of reference images, sized 4096 by 4096. Tria ImagePack3 includes several fractals that have proved beneficial for SeDDaRA deconvolution. Most of the images are in 8-bit tiff format and will need to be converted to the Tria rtif format for use in SeDDaRA.

If you have issues with the installation, check with the known issues listed below. If the suggestions below do not resolve any difficulties you may experience, let us know. We abhor inoperable software as much as you do, and will work with you to resolve it, even with the demo program.
Known Software Issues
  1. Installation has become more problematic.  Sometimes the installed program  cannot find the driver for the security key.  We are working on this.
  2. Tria is no longer tested on XP or Vista operating systems.  You should try installing before purchasing.  The program shoudl install fine on Windows 7, 8, and 10
  3. Some Tria functions only operate on certain types of images. For example, SeDDaRA reference images can only be created from grayscale images.
  4. Tria uses the Microsoft software for opening up jpeg images. Even though some jpegs are in 8-bit format, they are often opened as 24-bit color images. After opening Tria does a check to see if the 24-bit image is actually grayscale and may convert it.
  5. Tria may have some difficulties processing larger images (greater than 2048 pixels per side). This is typically a memory problem. You may want to add more RAM to your computer, or reduce the image size. We have verified that Tria can process a grayscale 8192X9182 image on a PC with 4 GBytes of RAM.  However, memory is allocated by the operating system and is often stingy. 
  6. The demo version permits creating reference images that can be used with SeDDaRA, but not saving them.
  7. Tria 32-bit does run on 64-bit machines but the 64-bit version will not operate on a 32-bit operating system.
  8. With version 3.0, Tria uses only Microsoft Frameworks 4.5. Some computers may have to be updated to this version.

Thank you for visiting out site!

Download Tria Image Pro

Download latest version of 32-bit Tria


Download latest version of 64-bit Tria

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